Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System

At Lincoln Distribution, we offer you a state-of-the-art inventory management system that will help you succeed in your sales efforts.  With our software, we will take care of your orders at all times, allowing you to have more time to focus on making your business grow but at the same time, giving you unlimited access to your inventory information at any given point.

Our inventory management system provides all the necessary tools you need to keep your business properly stocked. Any time purchases or sales are made in any of our warehouses, our software updates the system immediately, providing you with real-time inventory control. Our inventory management system has all the necessary features to avoid shortages by issuing POs quickly at certain pre-established inventory levels and all of this through an automated platform. Your inventory will be right on point and your operations will be optimized and simplified by handing our system the responsibility to manage your inventory’s evolution.

The inventory management system we offer at Lincoln Distribution is fully equipped with all the necessary features to keep your price lists up to date. Each product in your inventory will be properly described including the product details and history, cataloging all your items individually through SKUs and barcodes. Other features include issuing several different informational reports such as inventory reports, reorder reports, incoming inventory reports, and more.

But the system not only keeps track of your inventory to control itas it also uses the information to optimize your inventory processes, helping you identify sales trends and inventory issues in a timely manner to help you boost sales. Demand forecasts, supplier’s analysis and reorder points are some of the insights our inventory management system has to offer to optimize your inventory and consequently increase your business’ efficiency. With our system, stock problems will be a thing of the past and your business will not be under-stocked or over-stocked ever again.

Lincoln Distribution’s inventory management system provides you with access to your inventory 24/7. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, you will be able to check your inventory and submit orders at any time. All of our clients get a personal user ID and password combination that allows them to access their accounts. Through our system, you and your designated staff will have easy access to all the inventory’s information and to the comprehensive reports provided by the system to get insights into the evolution of your stock. We guarantee you that our inventory management system will serve as a cornerstone for your business success by reducing your operational and logistics burden to let you concentrate on expanding and reaching more and more customers each day.

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