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Break Bulk Shipping Service - Lincoln Distribution

Break Bulk
Shipping Service

Looking for a service to transport your equipment, machine or engine? Have you heard:“it’s too big, long or heavy to be transported”? Break bulk shipping service is exactly what you need.This special method of transporting heavy or large packages has been designed for you and your requirements. Traditional transportation services are not always capable of handling your large-sized or heavy-load goods because they do not have the experience or equipment to do it.

Our bulk cargo service helps you in transporting oversized or heavy goods by offering you the expertise, the proper procedures and equipment to deliver this kind of cargo efficiently. Breakbulk cargo is usually transported individually, on a skid, a pallet or in a crate. So whether it is construction equipment, manufacturing materials, oversized vehicles, boats, cranes, turbine blades, ship propellers, generators, large engines or any other oversized cargo, we have what it takes to get it where you want it.

Break Bulk Cargo Shipping

Our break bulk cargo shipping service specializes in transporting materials or equipment that will not fit in traditional boxes, trucks or containers because they are extra-heavy or too large to be easily handled. Lincoln Distribution can take the challenge of transporting any unusual goods you may need to deliver, across the whole country and even overseas.

Lincoln Distribution offers this break bulk service to all kind of customers with the need of transporting extra-large or extra-heavy equipment, machines, vehicles or special parts from the point of origin to the end point. Regular shipping companies usually don’t have the right vehicles withthe capacity to handle your goods but Lincoln Distribution has the very best. Traditional carriers do not have bins or containers big enough to make your cargo fit in, but Lincoln Distribution builds them for you, tailoring them to your needs in order to make sure that your cargo will be transported in the most efficient and secure way.

Also, Lincoln Distribution has another incredible advantage to offer to you.  Your engine, machine or equipment will be transported individual, loaded and unloaded apart from others toreduce your delivery time. Most companies de-assemble at the point of origin and re-assemble at the delivery point, increasing the waiting time, but here at Lincoln distribution all your shipments will be transported in one piece. When you reduce the time spent in deconstruction and re-construction, the item will be ready for dispatch upon arrival much more quickly. Your cargo will be ready to use right when your recipient gets it.

 Lincoln Distribution has top-of-the-line technology and equipment to take care of your bulk cargo in the most secure way in the market. Our team of professionals will handle your goods in the most secure way, so you have nothing to worry about. Other break bulk shipping service providers have only a few special vehicles to do the job but here at Lincoln Distribution, we have one of the biggest fleetsso you will always have one ready for you, reducing your waiting time.

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