Product Labeling and Barcoding services

Here, at Lincoln Distribution,we do our best to provide high-quality services to our clients. We fathom the need our clients have to keep their goods and products well storaged and to coordinate that their cargo meets their specific guidelines in order to be shipped and delivered accurately. Labeling is essential to identify products to designate their origins, contents, uses and their destination.

So often a modest label is the perfect solution for giving necessary detail on your master shipping cases or for adding art and information to your retail product. At Lincoln Distribution,we offer state-of-the-art, fast, and precise labeling services. For industrial and shipping purposes we offer stock labels and custom printed labels for special promotions on your retail products.

Product Labeling Services

With the industrial product labeling service that we offer at Lincoln Distribution, our clients have the ability to track the position and location of their inventory through every single step of the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping process. At Lincoln Distribution, we clearly identify and scan the contents of otherwise blank boxes, which give us an important competitive advantage. Logically most shipping cases need some kind of identification and shipping data. We label all your products after they have been packed.

product labeling services

Product labels are vital to identify how to use, carry, recycle or dispose a package. Some sort of information areinstructed by governments relating to particular industries such as medical, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and chemical products. For marketing purposes, a label can deliver a consistent and reliable branding message so clients can instantaneously recognize the origin of an article. Theyassistin reducing the safety risks during shipping. Labels might use security printing to help designate that the package and contents are not fake.Lots of symbols for package labeling are standardized to be acknowledged nationally and internationally. Nation of origin labeling is frequently used.

Technologies specifically connected to shipping containers are barcodes,identification codes and electronic data interchange (EDI). At Lincoln Distribution, these three core technologies help us process shipping containers throughout the distribution channel. Identification codes either transmita product’s information orcategorize other data. Barcodes let the automated input of identification codes and accompanying data. EDI moves data between trading associates within the distribution channel.

Once your product is packaged, labeled, and ready for shipping, Lincoln Distribution will ship your goods and products. Besides, Lincoln Distribution can deal with all of your fulfillment and distribution requirements using our amazing supply chain management service. We are ready to take care of your whole logistics operation. Our third-party logistics solutions incorporate inventory management, order fulfillment, packaging,distribution, and other process esessential to get your product to any marketplace in a timely and cost-effective way.

Product Barcoding Services

 At Lincoln Distribution, barcodes are used in the retail supply chain, as in other areas such as healthcare, transport, civil and military aviation, motor and manufacturing to identify products and other kinds of items, such as assets and replaceable transportation items. There are several industry-specific applications as well as international standards that link to barcodes and these outline the data content of the barcodes, the type of barcode to be used, and their magnitude.

Each user and client assign a particular number to recognize a particular product, and all of its variants are identified with aunique number. Let’s take as an example, a company producing four types of umbrellas, each available in five different colors, will use twenty-four numbers to identify each of these individually. If these are then packed into outer cases of four umbrellas, 48 more numbers are required to identify all the outer cases individually.

It will benecessary to have an EAN-13 barcode if the item is to be sold at the retail point-of-sale. All these symbols can be used in outer cases too, but many corporations will choose to use an ITF-14 symbol instead.

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