Inventory Management Services and Benefits

It is important for entrepreneurs and small businesses to figure out if they need 3PL inventory management. Some of the common reasons that businesses retain 3PL services include:  

  • The time and cost of in-house inventory management are too high 
  • You are looking to scale up your business without too much overhead 
  • You want access to software-based data and insights for better decision making 
  • You want to expand the business into multiple territories  
  • You want to focus on business growth instead of concentrating on operations 

Lincoln Distribution’s inventory management offers a diverse variety of benefits including: 

  • Real-Time Access to Stock Levels 

When you outsource inventory management to Lincoln Distribution, you can always monitor stock levels in real-time regardless of where you are. With twenty-four-hour transparency, it becomes easier to manage your orders and ensure you never run out of stock. Moreover, our inventory management software can generate client reports, provide secure login, and deliver shipping notifications. 

  • Quick & Easy Operational Scalability 

Lincoln Distribution inventory management relies on a pay-as-you-go business model, it becomes much easier for your company to scale up its operations without having to make a substantial investment. This also allows you to manage seasonal demand fluctuations efficiently and get accurate billing for all transactions. 

  • Better Distribution Network 

Even if you are in a position to operate a warehouse in the city you are located, going beyond that footprint can be a challenge. That’s where Lincoln Distribution can help you serve customers in multiple cities and even countries. 

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