Industries We Work With


We understand the importance of managing a large number of stock keeping units that typically correlate with the distribution of footwear.


We can label, tag, and kit your apparel to ensure that your customers specs are fully met.


Secure packaging of electronics is of the utmost concern of our customers.  Count on us to thoroughly and carefully take care of your product while packaging for delivery to your customer.

Home Goods

Kitting can be done at our warehouse if multiple components are needed to make a finished product to ship to your customer.

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

We are registered with the FDA and can ship your device to the end-user and/or repackage in our facilities.


Lincoln Warehousing has the experience and expertise working with the automotive industry.  We have worked with major US automotive companies and understand the importance of compliance.

Retail and Consumer Goods

We have the resources to drop ship direct to consumer for all the major retailers and conform to their specific and often complex routing guides.

Health and Beauty

We understand that the beauty industry has diverse and ever changing product lines. We offer flexibility to adapt to trends and your customers’ needs.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage safety is a primary concern of ours. We treat all food and beverage as if we are feeding it to our own families.

Satisfied Customers

Apparel company

“Logistics, shipping, warehousing and cross docking were very daunting words for our business, but Lincoln Warehousing resolved everything for us! They have helped us grow our business exponentially as it gave us the ability to focus on everything else. The staff is phenomenal – they are extremely responsive, they understand tight timelines, and are incredibly efficient. Their customer service is first class! We could not ask for a better partner for our growing business!”

Empresa de Ropaje

“Logística, envío, almacenamiento y cross-docking fueron palabras muy desalentadoras para nuestro negocio, ¡pero Lincoln Warehousing resolvió todo para nosotros! Nos han ayudado a crecer nuestro negocio exponencialmente, ya que nos dio la capacidad de enfocarnos en todo lo demás. El personal es fenomenal: son extremadamente receptivos, entienden los plazos ajustados y son increíblemente eficientes. ¡Su servicio al cliente es de primera clase! ¡No podríamos pedir un socio mejor para nuestro negocio en crecimiento!”

Manufacturing company

“Lincoln Warehousing has done a fantastic job working with us on our supply chain. Their expertise in distribution warehousing and logistics has helped our company grow to where it is today. By letting them handle our warehousing and logistics, it has allowed us to focus on other aspects of our business. I highly recommend them when your company is ready to take the next step.”

Empresa de Fabricación

“Lincoln Warehousing ha hecho un trabajo fantástico al trabajar con nosotros en nuestra cadena de suministro. Su experiencia en almacenamiento de distribución y logística ha ayudado a nuestra empresa a crecer hasta llegar a ser lo que es hoy. Al permitirles manejar nuestro almacenamiento y logística, nos ha permitido enfocarnos en otros aspectos de nuestro negocio. Los recomiendo cuando su empresa está lista para dar el siguiente paso.”

Footwear Company

“Working with Lincoln has been a long lasting relationship that allows us excellent opportunities to service our customers. This is because of the fantastic and professional way in which they are able to efficiently and very adequately adapt to our every changing and very time sensitive distribution requirements. Their extremely professional and helpful staff is what has helped our company develop to the point we are at today.”

Empresa de Calzado

“Trabajar con Lincoln ha sido una relación duradera que nos permite excelentes oportunidades para tender a nuestros clientes. Esto se debe a la forma fantástica profesional en la que pueden adaptarse de manera eficiente y adecuada a nuestros requisitos de distribución cambiantes y uy sensibles. Su personal extremadamente profesional y servicial es lo que ha ayudado nuestra empresa a desarrollarse hasta el punto en que nos encontramos hoy.”

Is your company looking to grow fulfillment capabilities?

Lincoln Distribution is here to understand your business and needs.  Lincoln Warehousing will process a variety of subscription fulfillment to consumers all around the world. 

One Box Subscription Fulfillment: Sending out one box type to your customers

Multi-Box Subscription Fulfillment: Sending out a variety of box types to your customers

Pick and Pack Subscription Fulfillment: Sending out a customized box to your customers


Lincoln Distribution will monitor all item inventory levels to assure that we are able to fulfill all kit variations during the kit assembly process.  Our staff and resources are ready to work with your changing needs. We have the flexibility to help our customers grow. 

Our warehouse is regulated with high-quality control.  Our team uses automated tracking systems that report the process from beginning to end and provides tracking information, sent to your customer.

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