Freight Consolidation Services

If you need to send documents, boxes or create a supply chain, our freight consolidation services is the answer. Freight consolidation is a service offered by shipping companies with lower cost and better shipping security than regular shipments. You will be able to track your goods any time you need it all along the way. This service is also known as a cargo consolidation, or consolidation service, freight brokerage service and/or assembly service.

Freight brokerage services has some advantages over traditional transportation services. You keep your costs down because the customer only pays the volume transported, the delivery is faster and it reduces the risk of damages. The Freight Consolidation Services for shipments is the most cost-effective way to transport low volume cargo. In this kind of service, your products will be grouped with others to fill a container, helping you avoid the high cost of having an entire container on your own for shipments that require much less space than that. This is the main reason why the price of shipping your products will be lower compared to using any other service.

Freight Consolidators

Freight consolidators are small shipping groups working together creating a big chain in order to deliver documents, boxes, supplies or whatever customers need to send. Using this new system, companies can keep really low prices, improve the shipment’s security, reduce the time of delivering and create the required logistics to achieve the goal, which is to transport from the point of origin to the intended location.

Our freight consolidation services it is the best choicefor your business when you need to transportlow-volume products affordably.Lincoln Distributionhas the most experienced personnel to arrangeall the logistics, giving you the time to take care of the most essential parts of your business.

freight consolidation services

This service ensures your goods are shipped tightly, which avoids undesired movement and the risk of damage. We have well-trained personnel that will place your packages in the truck, taking care of all the details, so you don’t have anything to worry about. Traditional transportation companies have bigger trucks with more space for more goods, slowing the delivery of your products as they could even change the route according to the needs of the company. With us the waiting time for your delivery will be reduced as we think on our clients first! Your products, documents or boxes will be always on time. You will not be able to track your products with others carriers, but with Lincoln Distribution you will know they whereabouts at anytime, anywhere along the road, with just a few clicks.

Freight Brokerage Services

Nowadays, there is an expanding market for new freight brokerage service companies which offer different services but, are they good enough? Do they have the experience and the reliability to guarantee your products will be well taken care of?

Lincoln Distribution is the most reliable company in the market; the testimonyof our satisfied customers all around the country can prove it along with our long-dated trajectory within the transportation and logistics industry. With our freight brokerage service, you will receive amazing benefits by accessing our world-class logistics team.

What are you waiting for? In Lincoln Distribution, trucks are available 24 hours a day to deliver your products no matter when or where! Get a custom quote today!

Is your company looking to grow fulfillment capabilities?

Lincoln Distribution is here to understand your business and needs.  Lincoln Warehousing will process a variety of subscription fulfillment to consumers all around the world. 

One Box Subscription Fulfillment: Sending out one box type to your customers

Multi-Box Subscription Fulfillment: Sending out a variety of box types to your customers

Pick and Pack Subscription Fulfillment: Sending out a customized box to your customers


Lincoln Distribution will monitor all item inventory levels to assure that we are able to fulfill all kit variations during the kit assembly process.  Our staff and resources are ready to work with your changing needs. We have the flexibility to help our customers grow. 

Our warehouse is regulated with high-quality control.  Our team uses automated tracking systems that report the process from beginning to end and provides tracking information, sent to your customer.

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