Custom Packaging Services

With our custom packaging services, our clients can just sit back and relax while the hard work is getting done. We can pack your entire household if that is your requirement, from the dishes in the kitchen to the books on the shelves, from the precious outfits in your closet to the delicate artwork on your beautifully painted walls. We pack everything, so you don’t have to.

At Lincoln Distribution, we have well-trained and professional packers that you can trust.  Our complete packing and crating professional staff do more than pack your entire household into moving boxes. In our custom packing service,we treat your belongings as if they were our own. You can rest assured that your precious possessions will be handled with care, using customized moving equipment and careful packing procedures.

Our Custom Packaging Services

Quite often packing can be more stressful than the experience of moving itself. While some people may be comfortable with taking care of everything on their own, we understand that others might need some help. If that’s your particular case, we can help you take care of it. In the end, we’re packing specialists qualified in the art of flawless packing.

Here, at Lincoln Distribution, you have the chance of choosing which level of packing suits your needs the most. If you’re not sure about which one you need, just ask us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the precise custom packaging services.

custom packaging services

The Full Pack

This package is for those busy costumers who really hate packing or don’t have enough time to do it. You won’t have to move a finger! We’ll come in and cautiously pack all your things in our moving boxes. We’ve got everything under control – tape,boxes, paper, anything. Then if you want, we can unpack everything in your new home too. Just relax and enjoy your coffee or tea. We assure you that you’ll remember this moving as one of your best days ever!

The Kitchen Package

Out of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen always seems to have the most stuff. Do you think that packing up all those dishes, pots, pans, and little accessories just seem like too much work? Let us give you a hand, or more than a pair if necessary! The kitchen is the most demanded packing service we offer. We’ll pack everything in your kitchen. Your breakables will be safe with us.

Electronics Service & Installation

Take the annoyance out of disconnecting and setting up your PC Network, your hotspot or Wi-Fi connection system, and Home Theater. Get rid of having your computers, TVs and stereo systems disassembled and packed before the packers arrive and then reassembled in your new home, no matter if it is an apartment or a suburb house.

Custom Crating Services

Some of your more delicate household goods and productsmight need to be secured and crated before our staff load it on the truck.  Our moving agents offer custom crating services to protect any special goods you may need to move.

We also offer wardrobe packing service!

You’ll never have to worry about those closets! Leave your wardrobe to us. In one quick swoop, we’ll go through each room and collect all your hanging items, neatly pack them in our convenient wardrobe boxes to safely hang them back into your new home. This service is a great time saver. It’s just one of the many ways we’ll help you move!

Remember, if you decide to do some (or all) of the packing yourself, we also sell boxes and moving supplies. Just give us a call and let us know what you need. Moving with us can almost be fun! Get a custom quote today!

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