Cross Docking Warehouse

Lincoln Distribution is a family-owned business that has been on the market since 1914. Lincoln does not only count with over 400,000 square feet of storage, skilled personnel and the latest technology, Lincoln also counts with years of experience in the warehousing business. Here, we live by the following words “when our customer succeeds, we succeed” because your business success is very important to the Lincoln family.

Lincoln Distribution offers multiple services to its customers and each of these services aredesigned to help businesses to reach farther and grow bigger without the trouble of managing how their products arestoragedor how orders are fulfilled. Among the many services that Lincoln Distribution offers you can find the following: order fulfillment, foreign trade zones, inventory management, freight brokerage and warehouse services. All of these services are destined to help you manage everything related to the distribution of your product.

Warehouse services are very important for companies that deal with a largenumber of products and do not count with the space or the personnel to managethen. Lincoln Distribution supplies their clients with a one-stop-shop for all their transportation and warehousing needs. We offer you enough space to store your goods and highly-trained personnel to handle your products professionally and we also offer a really important service to companies that need to move their merchandise from one transportation unit to another reducing storage time and handling costs and this service is known as Cross Docking.

Cross-Docking Warehouse Services

Cross-docking is a practice in logistics that consists in unloading merchandise from an arriving transportation unit (train, truck etc.) and loading this merchandise directly into another transportation unit (outbound truck, trailer, etc.) with little to none storage requirements in between. Cross-docking is really useful for companies that work with merchandise that is brought from one place but needs to be distributed to many places, here is where Lincoln Distribution will help you. We will receive the transportation unit, where your merchandise has been loaded. Once in our warehouse, the merchandise will be unloaded, sorted out and processed as fast as possible by our professionals and the latest technology to reduce storage time. The processed items will be then loaded into different transportation units that will deliver your product to its final destination in the stipulated time.  The cross-docking service at Lincoln Distribution is not only efficient and fast, it will also help you reduce costs since the items transported do not need to be storaged, they just need to be sorted out, and distributed properly to make sure they get to their destination.

Our Cross-Docking service at Lincoln Distribution will offer the following advantages to your business: it will help your company reduce costs since you will not have to handle inventory, as you will be shipping the items directly by breaking one cargo into many; your product will reach your customers faster, which means a potentially higher inventory rotation level and finally, it will also reduce the risk of inventory handling. This service will help you save money, increase your reach and raise the speed of your deliveries, while you get more time to focus on your core activities. We have the equipment, the facilities and the people to get it done! Contact us and get a quote today.

Is your company looking to grow fulfillment capabilities?

Lincoln Distribution is here to understand your business and needs.  Lincoln Warehousing will process a variety of subscription fulfillment to consumers all around the world. 

One Box Subscription Fulfillment: Sending out one box type to your customers

Multi-Box Subscription Fulfillment: Sending out a variety of box types to your customers

Pick and Pack Subscription Fulfillment: Sending out a customized box to your customers


Lincoln Distribution will monitor all item inventory levels to assure that we are able to fulfill all kit variations during the kit assembly process.  Our staff and resources are ready to work with your changing needs. We have the flexibility to help our customers grow. 

Our warehouse is regulated with high-quality control.  Our team uses automated tracking systems that report the process from beginning to end and provides tracking information, sent to your customer.

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