As peak season for order fulfillment approaches, it is important to talk about a forgotten component of the supply chain, customer loyalty. There are a few notable ways in which the supply chain affects customer loyalty in the realm of eCommerce such as shipping and mailing service times and efficiency.

As eCommerce evolves and contract warehousing is on the rise, customer expectations of retailers are changing. One notable change is the expectation of two day shipping. This is particularly important when it comes to the trending subscription based model when it comes to products. It becomes clear that fast shipping leads to customer loyalty for eCommerce retailers and in turn this can translate into increased client retention.

Since customer loyalty and customer experience are the heart of eCommerce retailers and more so with subscription box retailers, the importance of customers associating the shipping experience with your brand grows. This becomes a time for eCommerce retailers to collaborate with the third party logistics firms such as Lincoln Distribution fulfilling their order to generate a strategy to promote their brand. An example of this could be creating packaging that helps tell the brands story or adding a sticker to the packaging that helps identify and connect with the brands demographic.

Efficiency is another component of the supply chain that affects customer loyalty. Having a supply chain that runs efficiently helps meet customer expectations by allowing cost cutting measures. This drives down price not only at the retailer level but the consumer level as well. It also increases shipping speeds which leads to more inventory turnover.

Overall, customer loyalty can make or break retailers and can affect the client relationships with 3PL’s. It is important to be customer focused to be able to drive revenue for your business. If customer loyalty is important to you, please visit our quote page or sign up for our newsletter to find out more about how we can partner with you.