During uncertain times, it becomes more important than ever to set your eCommerce business up for success. This means that despite the pandemic, there is an opportunity to grow due to brick and mortar retailers being closed and running limited for limited hours due to government restrictions. eCommerce is a way to fill that gap and below are some eCommerce best practices during a pandemic.

Transparency and Communication

It’s more important than ever to be transparent with your consumers about your supply chain. This could be by reassuring them that the warehouse that is fulfilling your orders is properly sanitized. It can also be by letting customers know in advance if an order will take longer than normal.

Inventory Management

Do not let your items run out of stock. This is really important because if your item runs out of stock, it can cause your search ranking to drop on search engines and platforms such as Amazon. Sadly, this inevitably buy from another seller. A customer might even go as far as leaving a bad review for others to see if they become frustration by your lack of inventory. This can cause you to lose future potential customers.

When it comes to eCommerce best practices during a pandemic, transparency and communication and inventory management are key. If you want to execute an action plan, give us a call at (800) 344-3915.