A forgotten aspect of your supply chain

When looking for a shipping and fulfillment center to pick and pack and ship your eCommerce product, the last thing in your mind is probably what their company culture is like. It’s likely that there are other things that take precedence over their production teams company such as pricing, speed, and location.  Of course of those things are important to factor into your decision of what distribution center you will use but when everything else is equal, a solid company culture is the backbone of your products supply chain.

Why is company culture important?

Company culture is important because its the driver of all things important within business. Culture drives morale, sales, and it attracts top talent. This is important for you because a production team with a positive company culture translates into efficiency and improved productivity.

Efficiency and higher attendance rates

Efficiency and higher attendance rates can go hand in hand.  They can be derived from a clan culture.  In other words, a friendly and collaborative company culture.  Clan culture allows production employees to work for a common goal of excellence in every output.

A collaborative culture promotes efficiency.  Employees who are willing to work together on the common goal of excellence are most likely to be the most productive and have the highest morale.  This is due to attracting the best talent and higher attendance rates.  With higher attendance rates, productivity and shipping delays are less likely for your product.  This will improve your customer loyalty when they have a seamless cart to delivery experience. 

Higher attendance rates can also keep costs down with a higher rate of employee retention.  This means that your distribution center is less likely to be short staffed.  It also lowers costs by not having to hire and fire new employees or having to pay a temp agency to hire new and temporary employees.

These are just a few of the reason why knowing your potential order fulfillment centers company culture among their production employees. Here at Lincoln Distribution, we embody a clan culture. Give us a call or fill out our quote page to learn more about us!